About The Active Place

Explore adventures outdoor sports and find information on local spots, schools and rentals. Practice the sports you love and get out there. Challenge yourself, be active and spend fun times with your friends outdoors.

Get inspired

Explore the wide range of action sports activities and get inspired. Try out new sports and go on tht next adventure.

On the spot

Filter information by location to find great spots, schools rentals and more. It has never been that easy to find your adventure next door.

Insider tips

All information is created by users for users. Share information and tips with each other and create great moments.

Behind the scenes

Behind the scenes of The Active Place is a team of entrepreneurs and outdoor sports enthusiasts. At The Active Place we want to create a community, in which people share their passion for outdoor sports and help each other to find that next adventure. In the end, our goal is to make you experience those breathtaking moments and enjoy life to the fullest. 

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